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No. 9. Vol. 25. 2019

DOI: 10.17587/it.25.515-521

S. A. Inyutin, Dr. Tech. Sc. (PhD), Full Professor, e-mail:, Moscow Aviation Institute (Nation Research University) (MAI)

Fraction-Rational Constructions in Computer Modular Arithmetic

The expansion of modular representations to a set of rational fractions with a fixed denominator is analyzed. Methods have been developed for performing basic computer operations for such representations in the bit grid of a computational reconfigurable system. Given in pseudo-language and justified algorithms for their implementation, obtained estimates of their temporal and tabular complexities. The expediency of using a quadratic modular system to reduce the complexity of individual iterative procedures that underlie operations on the introduced modular representations and which have quadratic complexity has been proved. The representations introduced are intended for use in modular reconfigurable computing SIMD systems.
Keywords: multiprocessor reconfigurable calculation systems SIMD architecture, modular computational process, quadratic computational complexity, parallel computer formats for rational fractions


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