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No. 6. Vol. 24. 2018

DOI: 10.17587/it.24.414-420

S. L. Makarov, Ph. D, Associate Professor at the School of Software Engineering of the Faculty of Computer Science, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Information Technologies of a Search for Similar Researches in Dissertations Catalogues

The article represents some information technologies of a search for similar researches, projects or just ideas in catalogues of dissertations and suggests a software web-based system of automated search of the kind. The relevance of the system is justified by impossibility of doing the same work by people and absence of systems which can input a large text for this kind of search. There are several methods described which the system is based upon as well as several mini-researches results which have been conducted in order to understand structures of the dissertations catalogues and to interpret results of the system's work. The system's architecture, database structure and algorithm are presented in the article along with the rules of its running automatically using one of the planning tasks mechanisms of operating systems (cron). There are several user's and the system administrator's interface examples and system outputs provided from the user's and the system administrator's points of view. In the conclusion, key features and difficulties of the system and of the process of using it are outlined together with the outcome of the research with advantages and disadvantages of the system along with mentioning its practical value. Also, as a part of the conclusion there are results of another mini-research about the system's search script lifetime and some outcomes of server and the script settings necessary for getting correct results with the help of the system.
Keywords: information technologies, automated search, automation, software engineering, search system, project analysis, research summary, dissertations catalogue, user interface

P. 414Ц420

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