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No. 5. Vol. 28. 2022

DOI: 10.17587/it.28.233-239

S. R. Tumkovskiy, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, I. R. Mullakhmetov, Postgraduate, E. D. Pozhidaev, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, V. S. Saenko, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economic, Moscow, Russian Federation

Identification of the Model of Radiation Conductivity of Polymeric Materials

A technique for identifying a model of radiation conductivity of polymeric materials for chip packages of microelectronic equipment has been developed. On the basis of the developed technique, computer simulation of radiation charging of polymer cases of microelectronic equipment with increased conductivity was carried out. The research results are aimed at the development of composite polymeric materials for chip packages of microelectronic equipment with conductivity that ensures the absence of electrostatic discharges and makes it possible to significantly increase the life of spacecraft.
Keywords: identification, mathematical and computer modeling, radiation charging, radiation conductivity, electrostatic discharges, space vehicles, microelectronic equipment

P. 233Ц239

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