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No. 12. Vol. 25. 2019

DOI: 10.17587/it.25.757-765

V. N. Kostin, Cand. Tech. Sci., Associate Professor, e-mail:, Federal State Educational Government-financed Institution of Higher Professional Education "Orenburg State University"

Assessment of Efficiency of Physical Security of Information of Crucial Objects on the Basis of Markov Chains

The method of modeling of assessment of efficiency of physical security of information of crucial objects is developed. Feature of the solution of a task is decomposition of a complicated multigraph of penetration of the violator to information resources of an object on a great number of ordinary graphs, each of which is presented in the form of the sequence of events. This is decomposition of a difficult task on a set of simple subtasks. The result of decomposition was presented in the incidence matrix form: lines number of a way of penetration, columns edges of the graph of penetration by the violator. Every way of the violator and reaction of physical protection to penetration is modelled by two information-related Markov chains. Probability of information security is chosen as an indicator of efficiency of physical protection. The system of assessment of security consists of disjuctive-connected ways of penetration, at the same time every way it is a set conjuctive-connected edges of penetration which is defined by the probability of realization of the purpose of the violator. The general assessment of physical security of information is made on the most pessimistic way of penetration of the violator.
Keywords: assessment of efficiency of physical protection, multigraph of penetration of the violator, incidence matrix

P. 757765

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