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No. 12. Vol. 25. 2019

DOI: 10.17587/it.25.738-746

V. V. Gribova, Research Deputy Director, e-mail:, E. A. Shalfeeva, Senior scientific employee,, e-mail:, Institute for Automation & Control Processes, FEBRUS, Russian Federation

Ensuring of Viability of Systems Based on Knowledge

The model of viability of knowledge based systems designed by means of the ontology-oriented development environment is considered in the article. In the conditions of high labor costs on software maintenance the maintenance problem for knowledge-based systems is particularly acute. Their architecture includes the knowledge base created by domain experts and cognitologists. It imposes need of use of additional specialized mechanisms of providing maintenance and viability. The generalized architectural model of an accompanied knowledge-based system and set of means of ensuring of her viability is presented in the paper. It is shown that a viable system should include: a knowledge base formalized in terms of ontology, an ontology-based solver and ontology-dependent adaptable GUI. The structure of instrumental specialized environment of development for creation components of any knowledge-based system is defined. Such environment of development is ontology-oriented. It evolves together with enhancement of knowledge, expansion of ontology and in process of adaptation to operating conditions. These mechanisms of adaptability provide a possibility of improvement of each component by narrow experts, guaranteeing integrity of all system. It is shown how different aspects of viability are being provided in the environments of development implemented on the IACPaaS platform.
Keywords: intellectual systems, knowledge base, knowledge base system, ontology-oriented algorithm, viability, declarative tools, development environment

P. 738Ц746

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