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No. 12. Vol. 25. 2019

DOI: 10.17587/it.25.718-723

A. Z. Salahov, Postgraduate Student, e-mail:, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku

The Study of the Scattering of Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Objects by Computer Simulation

In recent years, the functionality of mobile communications is growing exponentially. Due to the fact that the popularity of mobile phones and the increase in the duration of their use is growing every day, concerns about the safety of electromagnetic radiation from them become more and more justified. Given all this research, the effect of electromagnetic radiation on a user is of particular interest and scientific value. The study of this effect is associated with the creation of an adequate model of a biological object and the study of the scattering of electric waves in a medium with varying electrophysical parameters. Taking into account the impossibility of conducting this kind of research directly on a person, it is a matter of talking about computer modeling of the biological environment. In this case, we are talking about a multilayer model with arbitrary parameters of specific conductivity, dielectric constant and the study of the propagation and absorption of electromagnetic radiation in it.
Keywords: electric field strength, specific absorption coefficient, dielectric constant, computer simulation

P. 718Ц723

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