"Software Engineering"

About reviewing

All the papers, submitted for publication in the "Software Engineeringl" journal, undergo reviewing and approval by the editorial board.
The manuscript submitted to the editors is subjected to initial review and verification for compliance to the topics of the journal and formal editorial requirements. If the paper doesnt comply with the subject-matter of the journal it excludes from further consideration, the author is notified about it.
Then the paper is assigned for reviewing to an expert, who is a member of the editorial council (internal review). The paper can also be submitted for evaluation to an independent expert (peer review).
Review process is anonymous for the referee as well as for the author.
After reviewing the article may be rejected, sent to the author for revision, or accepted for publication.
The review should include:
- General evaluation of the papers content and principal judgment on whether it could be published in the journal;
- The specific enumeration of errors in the methodology and tools (if any);
- Suggestions for improving the text.
Upon receipt of a positive conclusion of the referee the paper is placed in the portfolio of editorial board for further publication. Executive secretary of the editorial board should inform the author about it.
Upon receipt of an unfavorable verdict of the reviewer the paper is discussed on the working group meeting of the editorial board, which makes a decision on rejection of the article or the need for further review by an independent expert.
In case of papers rejection, the author sent a notification letter signed by the executive secretary of the magazine.
The final decision on the publication of the paper and approval of the total contents of the journals issue are adopted at a meeting of the editorial board.
The procedure for review and approval of articles is from 1 to 1.5 months, further articles are published in order of priority. The Editorial Board may decide on an extraordinary publication of the paper.

Preparing an article for publication undertaken by the editors includes normal literary editing and fine-tuning of the text according to the internal editorial standards adopted for the journal. All the changes made by the editors are to be co-ordinated with the author.