Journal "Software Engineering"
a journal on theoretical and applied science and technology
ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N8 2015 year

Using Emulation Technics in the Development of Avionics Software Components
S. A. Blagonravov, Senior Engineer, S. B. Utkin, Lead Expert, SPb Scientific Design Bareu "Electroavtomatica" n. a. P. A. Efimov, S. V. Batova, Postgraduate Student, P. V. Konovalov, Postgraduate Student, e-mail:, Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO)

Development of the software emulation system, designed to support automated system software development process is considered. The emulator hardware platform enables the software components development stages early in the design: the development of software components is carried out on a computer tool, as the code testing, performed using emulator executable environment on the same instrumental machine. The authors suggest the principles of emulator construction. Software development tools used in emulator and functionality of the emulation software are described. Examples demonstrated: an example of the computing system's functional diagram and an example window of the emulator in debug mode. Also presented an algorithm of operating system test process performed on the emulator.

Keywords: emulation, avionics, real-time operating systems, integrated modular avionics, ARINC 653
pp. 18–25