Journal "Software Engineering"
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Issue N8 2015 year

The Object-Relational Approach to the Development of a System of Computer Simulation of Multiscale Computational Scheme of Multilayer Semiconductor Nanostructures
K. K. Abgarian, Associate Professor, Head of Department, e-mail:, P. A. Sechenykh, Postgraduate Student, Junior Researcher, e-mail:, E. S. Gavrilov, Senior Teacher, Junior Researcher, e-mail:, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS

The article examines the object-relational system of information support of multiscale computational scheme of the calculation of the multilayer semiconductor nanostructures' (MSNS) properties. Units and devices based on MSNS including layers of AlN, GaN, InN are used in various fields of science and technology: nanoelectronics industry, radio electronics, lasers, LEDs, computer technology. For example, units that use MSNS are widely applied in aviation and space radio devices.

The article provides a description of some mathematical models implemented in computing modules of the previously developed MSNS computational scheme. The paper also gives a comparison of databases and information systems used at problem solving of materials science.

The paper presents data storage relational model which applies to solving resource-intensive and different-scale problems. Created object mapping of data storage relational model. The implementation of the object mapping was based on the technology of NHibernate, with the use of the library FluentNHibernate. Created architecture of the scheduler, which is based on the description of operations with data and specifications of information flows enables the exchange of data between computing modules.

The paper shows the implementation of user interface, which allow criteria-based data retrieving and generate a text file that contains the input data for calculation modules, and save it for later import the calculating properties sequence. To implement the user interface was used technology Windows Forms.

The developed system has been tested on computer models of multilayered semiconductors that actively used in the aerospace industry.

Keywords: database, object-relational approach, multilayer semiconductor nanostructure, multiscale calculation scheme
pp. 9–17