Journal "Software Engineering"
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ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N7 2014 year

Joint Cluster Model in Three-Dimensional Graphics
N. N. Svetushkov , e-mail:

Article is devoted to the development of new principles for creating complex graphic objects, including two-and three-dimensional. Introduced the concept of an elementary cluster which can be regarded as a generalization of the classical geometric shapes — circle, ellipse and rectangle, sphere, parallelepiped. Software environment created demonstrates geometric objects, developed on the model of the joint cluster. There is an analysis of the opportunities of created software, and it is concluded that the principles of object creation based on the cluster model afford not only reduce the amount of stored information, but also to a large extent to exhort interface software used for three-dimensional modeling. Developed software package can be used to solve the problems of modeling various processes and prototyping, including the aviation industry, allowing simple means to create complex geometric objects in three-dimensional modeling of an inexperienced user.

Keywords: cluster model, three-dimensional modeling software, visualization, interfaces
pp. 40–43