Journal "Software Engineering"
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ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N7 2014 year

Model of the Real-Time Systems Software
A. O. Sokolov , e-mail:

The paper presents a generic model of real-time software. It includes concepts from the theory of computation, scheduling theory and operating systems theory. The model allows describing specific features of different systems. The common terminology and structure is saved. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part describes a base model suiting all real-time systems. The second part defined a set of features inherent in most real-time systems. At the last part of the paper an example of the digital controller software model is present. The model can be used in situations when the specific features of the real-time system cannot be simplified or omitted. Due to this the modernization of scheduling models is provided possible (treating scheduler as a task, interrupt handlers considered during feasibility test, etc.).

Keywords: software, operating system, model, scheduling, real-time, computing, processor, resource, algorithm, embedded
pp. 9–16