Journal "Software Engineering"
a journal on theoretical and applied science and technology
ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N6 2012 year

Parallelization of Three-Dimensional Thermal-Hydraulic Best-Estimate Code "BAGIRA" for Simulation of Multiphase Flow as Part of Full-Scale Supercomputer Simulator "Virtual Nuclear Power Plant"
V. A. Vasenin , e-mail: M. A. Kryvchikov , e-mail:, A. E. Kroshilin , e-mail:, V. E. Kroshilin , e-mail:, A. D. Ragulin , e-mail:, V. A. Roganov , e-mail:

This article discusses approach to creating high-performance parallel version of the best-estimate thermal-hydraulic code BAGIRA, which is important part of the software suite for simulation of nuclear power plants with pressurized water reactors.

We will also illustrate our experience with high-performance solvers for numeric sparse matrix factorization, which is used in BAGIRA code during implicit computational method step.

Keywords: simulation, multiphase flow, thermal-hydraulic code, best-estimate code, nuclear reactors, pressurized water reactors, supercomputers, parallel computing
pp. 15–23