Journal "Software Engineering"
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ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N1 2015 year

System for the Affective state Assessment of Humans on the Basis Heart Rate Measurement upon Video Presentation
A. V. Kiryukhin, Postgraduate Student, Junior Researcher, e-mail:, A. V. Alpatov, Associate Professor, e-mail:, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

The purpose of this article consists in development of the system for affective states assessment, according to pulsometry and facial expressions of the men. The system design comprises the problem of the hardware realization of signal detection block, data recording and analysis. The advantages of LabVIEW are well observed in terms of the synchronous recording and analysis of the different types of signals, such as pulse and video. The sequence of virtual instrument construction for recording the pulse wave using a DAQ device NI USB-6008 is presented in detail. Much attention is given to the use of libraries and functions for operating with video images. The features of the window method for the analysis of heart rate variability using fluctuation analysis are briefly described. The patterns of the block diagrams design and the peculiarities of the specific libraries and functions usage are given. This article is the concern of the physicians, engineers of medical equipment and specialists occupied in the areas of human activity where the information about the men's emotional state increases the work safety.

Keywords: LabVIEW, affective state, pulse, video facial, heart rate variability, IMAQ-functions, VLC-player, block diagram, data acquisition, virtual instrument
pp. 34–40