Journal "Software Engineering"
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Issue N12 2015 year

A Base Technology for Development of Intelligent Services with the Use of IACPaaS Cloud Platform. Part 1. A Development of Knowledge Base and Problem Solver
V. V. Gribova, Research Deputy Director, e-mail:, A. S. Kleschev, Leading Researcher, e-mail:, D. A. Krylov, Leading Software-Engineer, e-mail:, Ph. M. Moskalenko, Researcher, e-mail:, V. A. Timchenko, Researcher, e-mail:, E. A. Shalfeyeva, Senior Researcher, e-mail:, Institute for Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok

The paper opens a series of three works which describe a base technology for development of intelligent multi-agent cloud services and their components with the use of system tools of IACPaaS platform. The technology is put to reduce the labour-intensiveness of development and support for intelligent services and proposes involvement of domain experts (without mediators or additional training) in these processes, whose task is to create and maintain information components of platforms' applied services in actual state during their lifecycle. This first part presents a description of conceptual architecture of IACPaaS platform (system, fund, services, and management); a definition of intelligent service and a description of its assembly with the use of software and program components; a technology for development of an information resource (ontology or knowledge/data base); a definition of a problem solver and a technology for its assembly.

Keywords: intelligent system, multi-agent system, intelligent software development technology, hierarchical semantic network, agent-oriented programming, cloud platform, cloud service
pp. 3–11