Journal "Software Engineering"
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ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N2 2021 year

DOI: 10.17587/prin.12.82-88
Structure Splitting for Elbrus Processor Compiler
V. E. Shamparov,, A. L. Markin, Alex.L., MCST, Moscow, 117105, Russian Federation, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Region, 141701, Russian Federation
Corresponding author: Shamparov Viktor E., Software Engineer, MCST, Moscow, 117105, Russian Federation, E-mail: Victor.E.
Received on October 13, 2020
Accepted on November 21, 2020

This report presents a new version of Structure Splitting optimization, implemented for the compiler for Elbrus and SPARC processors. Structure Splitting tries to improve data locality by splitting arrays of structures into arrays of smaller structures. This solution helps to decrease probability of cache misses, which leads to execution time decrease. The optimization was generalized for the case of array of structures nested in another structure and possibility of its reallocation. Execution speed of two tests from SPEC CPU2000 and SPEC CPU2006 increased by 19 and 12 %.

Keywords: compiler, optimization, Structure Splitting, Elbrus, SPARC r
pp. 82–88
For citation:
Shamparov V. E., Markin A. L. Structure Splitting for Elbrus Processor Compiler, Programmnaya Ingeneria, 2021, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 82—88