Journal "Software Engineering"
a journal on theoretical and applied science and technology
ISSN 2220-3397

Issue N4 2021 year

DOI: 10.17587/prin.12.171-178
Quantum Computer and Post-Quantum Cryptography
S. А. Bukashkin,, JSC Concern Avtomatika, Moscow, 127276, Russian Federation, М. А. Cherepniov,, MSU, Moscow, 115432, Russian Federation
Corresponding author: Cherepniov Mikhail А., PhD, Professor, MSU, Moscow, 115432, Russian Federation E-mail:
Received on February 28, 2021
Accepted on April 19, 2021

An overview of the current state of the problem of building a quantum computer and its hypothetical use for breaking cryptographic protocols is presented. The necessary parameters are considered. An overview of existing quantum algorithms and post-quantum cryptographic protocols that are strong with respect to them is presented. The problem of constructing a quantum computer is considered in comparison with the development of the theory and practice of conventional mechanical and electronic computers. The results of contests on the topic of post-quantum cryptography are presented.

Keywords: quantum computer, quantum algorithms, post-quantum cryptography
pp. 171–178
For citation:
Bukashkin S. А., Cherepniov M. A. Quantum Computer and Post-Quantum Cryptography, Programmnaya Ingeneria, 2021, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 171—178

This work of M. A. Cherepniov was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 18-29- 03124\20.