ISSN 1816-4528




Mining Equipment and Electromechanics. N. 1-2018


Suslov N. M., Chernukhin S. A. Hydraulic Actuator of Shagania Mechanism with Hydraulic Cumulators P. 37

Komissarov A. P., Lagunova Yu. A., Shestakov V. S., Teliman I. V. Relations of Active and Reactive Loads in Mechanisms of Working Equipment of a Hydraulic Excavator P. 710

Babenkov P. Yu., Shestakov V. S. Modeling the Working Process of a Hydraulic Excavator P. 1015

Bochkov V. S. Increasing of Service Life the Teeth Bucket Excavator Type Direct Shovel P. 1519

Shemyakin S. A., Cheban A. Yu. Drop-Down Bucket Hydraulic Excavator Type Direct Shovel P. 1921


Nikiforov S. E., Lagunova Yu. A., Kalyanov A. E. Features of the Design of the Drum Mills Produced by PJSC "Uralmashzavod" P. 2226

Lagunova Yu. A., Furin V. O., Fedulov K. A. Cone Crushers of PJSC "Uralmash-zavod" for Specific Operating Conditions P. 2733


Andreeva L. I., Krasnikova T. I. The Issue of Mechanization of Repair of Mining Machines P. 3436


Stebnev A. V., Gabov V. V., Korolev A. I. Analysis and Estimation of the Stability of the Operating Modes of the Purification Mechanized Complex P. 3740

Tkachuk A. K., Timonin V. V., Karpov V. N., Stepanov D. V. The Use of Automatic Vacuum-Compression Seismic Source in Underground Conditions P. 4144

Timukhin S. A., Alexandrov V. I., Maharatkin P. N. Innovative Approach to the Design of the Main Mine Drainage Systems P. 4446


Mining Equipment and Electromechanics. N. 2-2018

Kachurin N. M., Zhabin A. ., Shchegolevsky M. M. On the 90th Anniversary of Vladimir Brenner P. 35


Merzlyakov V. G. Water-Jet Technology in Mining: The Main Results of Research Works P. 611

Zhabin A. ., Averin E. A., Polyakov A. V., Shchegolevsky M. M. Mobile Tunnelingunit for the Combined Destruction of Rocks in Underground Conditions P. 1117

Averin E. A., Zhabin A. ., Polyakov A. V., Shchegolevsky M. M. Analysis and Improvement of the Method for Estimation of Hard Rock Erosion when Destructing with Abrasive Water Jets P. 1725


Podkolzin A. A. Improvement of the Hydraulic Drive the Longwall Shield P. 2629

Sysoev N. I., Turuk Yu. V., Kolesnichenko I. E., Lugantsev . . New Technical Solutions for Improving the Reliability and Efficiency of the Powered Supports Working in the Withdrawal of Coal-Based Plasts P. 2934

Yungmeyster D. A., Isaev A. I., Naumova P. D. Development of the Construction of the Complex for Tunneling of Short Workings in Cambrian Clays P. 3540

Khazanovich G. Sh. Current Trends in Scientific Research Mining Equipment P. 4145

Zhabin A. B., Polyakov A. V., Kovaleva T. V., Averin E. A. About Design Scheme for Determining the Stability of Roadheaders P. 4649


Rozhkov A. A., Kantowicz L. I., Grabskii A. A., Grabskaia E. P. To the Question of Import Substitution and Localization of Production of the Main Technological Equipment in the Coal Industry of Russia P. 5057


Antipov V. V., Antipov Yu. V., Naumov Yu. N., Averin E. A. Skyratovsky Experimental Plant: Permanent Strive to Change Mining Engineering P. 5864


Mining Equipment and Electromechanics. N. 3-2018


Khazanovich G. Sh., Chernykh V. G., Stashinov Yu. P., Menshenin S. E., Voronova E. Yu. Contribution of Scientists Shakhtinsky Institute (Branch) HSRPU (NPI) Named after M. I. Platov in Scientific and Practical Achievements in the Field of Mining Machine Science for 60 Years P. 415

Lyashenko Yu. M., Revyakina E. A. Methodological Approaches to Modeling of the System "Low-Body Body Working Element" in the Investigations of the Process of Loading the Rock P. 1520

Voronova E. Yu., Khazanovich G. Sh., Agafonov O. A. Scientific Basis for the Development of Aggregated Tunnel Systems P. 2125

Chernykh V. G., Domnitskiy A. A., Nosenko A. S. Continuous Heading Machine Technologies Application in Road Tunnels Construction P. 2628

Nosenko A. S., Domnitskiy A. A., Khazanovich V. G., Zubov V. V. Improvement of Loading-Transportation Modules of Mining Equipment P. 2932

Otrokov A. V., Khazanovich G. Sh., Afonina N. B.
Theoretical and Experimental Research of Loading Organs of Continuous Action P. 3236

Sysoev N. I., Grinko D. A., Kozhevnikov A. S. Increasing of Efficiency of Functioning of Cutter-Loader and Drilling Machines by Discrete Management of their Regime Parameters P. 3741

Menshenin S. E., Menshenina E. A. Method of Development and Correction of Trajectory Directed Wells of Small Diameter P. 4245

Stashinov Yu. P., Volkov D. V., Prudiy A. V., Khmyrov A. O. The State and Some Directions of Upgrade of a Traction Drive of Mining Electric Locomotives P. 4550

Lugantsev B. B., Turuk Yu. V. Control of Sliding Plants in the Vertical Plane P. 5051

Turuk Yu. V., Lugantsev B. B., Titov N. V. Improvement of Efficiency Application of Powered Supports at the Reception Coal Plasts with Weak Soils P. 5254

Petukhov A. N., Zhelobkov P. S. The New Generation of Jaw with High Degree of Crushing P. 5559

Yevstratov V. A., Rud' A. V., Apachanov A. S., Grigor'yev V. I., Belousov K. Yu. Simulation of the Process of Transportation of Drilling Wrong with Wheel 'Drilling of Vertical Wells P. 6063

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