Contents of the new issue of the magazine "LIFE SAFETY"


Budykina T. A., Lyashenko S. M. Statistical Analysis of Accidents in Sugar Factories

Rudakov M. L., Kolvakh K. A. About the Possibility of Using the Maximum Likelihood Criterion in Order to Assess the Occupational Risk Caused by Rock Breaks during Underground Coal Mining


Kulikov K. N., Petrov S. A., Rodin G. A. Liquid Hazardous Waste Generated at the Stages of the Life Cycle of Ships and Vessels with Nuclear Power Plants

Andreev E. A., Orlov A. S., Kosmin G. V. Determination of Residual Life of Technical Systems on the Example of Electrical Installations


Bochkarev A. N. Modern Requirements for Fire Protection of Aircraft at Civil Airfields

Speransky A. A., Lobov D. A., Mamagin S. V. Determination of Fire Extinguishing Nitrogen Efficiency in the Fire of Lithium-Ion Batteries


Liev K. B., Dolova M. L. Use of Modern Technologies to Alert the Public about Hardship


Bobovich B. B., Berezina V. A. Analysis of the Negative Impacts of Electroenergetics on the Environment

Suvorova Yu. A., Dorohov R. V., Tarova A. A., Ryazanov I. V. Energy-Saving Carbon Dioxide air Purification System for Collective Protection Facilities

Novinyuk L. V., Velinzon P. Z. The Study of the Sorption of Lead Ions (Pb2+) on Chitinand Chitosan Biopolymers Isolated from Mycelial Wastes of Food Citric Acid Production


Simakova E. N., Starostin I. I., Bondarenko A. V., Gaponyuk N. А., Konovalova M. V. Experience of the Organization and Holding a Work (Predegree) Practice of Bachelors at "Ecology and Industrial Safety" Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Baginova O. D., Samozhapova S. D. Workbook as a Means of Promoting the Development of Students Independent Work Skills